Hotel, B&B or Boutique Glamping?​

We can’t argue that there is a lot to be said about being at an outdoor event and getting in a warm and cosy bed. Here at The Glamping Company we combine the comfort and warmth of staying at the venue with a huge amount of the big C – Convenience!

Along with convenience, we also offer prices that we believe will blow all of the alternatives into the wind.

Our luxury boutique five metre bell tents can sleep up to six with most configurations to suit you. We don’t like to install more than two doubles, but they can easily fit nicely along with two singles, making the total number of guests a staggering six!  For real comfort, we recommend four per tent.

But let’s play a number game here…If you ordered a bell tent with six guests, fully decorated with rugs, low level table, LED lighting, two doubles and two singles the price tag for 2017 is £390 or £60 per glamper all in. Realistically, the price for a B&B per person is usually around £70 for something basic, let’s round that down to £400.  You then have to think about two taxis back or an eight seater, this is of course going to vary from venue to venue. But essentially, it is cheaper and much more ‘festival’ to glamp!

Based on four of you sharing it works out as £330 per fully kitted out tent, or £82.50 per person.

Hang on, I almost forgot something very important, I would even describe this as essential…So you wondered back to your bell tent, you slept under the stars, what’s next? Breakfast of course!!! At our venues the Street Food Catering Company will start sizzling crispy bacon, Lincolnshire sausages and fried egg breakfasts baps for you, all of course washed down with the cuppa of your choice! Now is that’s not worth pitching up under the stars and you are not sold- nothing is! Don’t worry, I will eat your portion and the left over’s, perk of the job and all that!

Our beautiful dressed luxury bell tents are the quintessential finishing to all of your festival requirements. Don’t leave, stay and enjoy every moment of the magic with us.

To find out more about packages we can offer, drop us a line today. Our friendly team are on hand to talk you through all of our packages and of course tuck you up under the night sky. 



 Hotel, B&B or Boutique Glamping?
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